Vaccinated vs. Non-Vaccinated - Who Is Healthier?

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Watch and listen as Dr. Rohlfsen, a Chiropractor, challenges the dogma of the medical establishment's claim of healthier children. Are vaccinated children healthier than non vaccinated children? And where is the proof? Please don't be a darn fool and claim because, "we don't have measles, polio, ect... and this demonstrates, all the proof we need". Any good scientist would agree that it is impossible and foolish to try and prove a negative. e.g "Because we don't have polio, the vaccination must have worked!" This is a sick and perverted informal fallacy that has promoted the vaccine hoax for so many years. Who's to say proper hygiene, sanitation and better nutrition as well as other factors didn't have a greater impact? Where does the burden of proof stand?

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  • Cathy Added The public needs to wake up to health. The money spent on pharmaceuticals which are laced with countless negative, known effects is beyond comprehension.The allopathic world denys that this natural health world exisst. We are growning. Wake up America.