Unknown - African shaman performing levitation

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Published by in Body Consciousness


A german film crew captures a levitation performance by an african shaman.

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  • charles Added muscle testing clealy identifies this video as a hoax.

    however that said.. muscle testing also says that levitation is possible by humans using only mind.

    its just that this guy doesnt know how to do it.
  • Jaylike Bird Banned Added The support is lit up a bit in the smoke, mess with the lightness and contrast setting and you clearly see a vertical line slightly highlit by the smoke. its best at 1:29, you can see it clearly even in the darkened video.
    To respone to a commenter, people want to tear this down because people generally don't like being lied to, so good on folks' perceptual instincts. Means and ends and all that.
  • mtpatton Added The camera man never shows a full back shot. This is fake!
  • Pia Added I would like to see it in the daylight :-)
    No, there were dark dressed helpers involved, the fire makes it hard to see.
    It's a trick.
  • Giorgio Added Is it a case that the second cameraman don't take any video behind the shaman? For me it's not real...
  • Tony Sandy Added This video could well be genuine, unlike crop circle and ghost in the filling station, which look faked. This could have been better filmed during day, if possible, to stop accusations of fraud or from above with somebody passing a stick over his head, to prove no wires attached. I've seen photos of this trick done by a medium and he shows the same strain on his face but it's in a lit room
  • James Masters Banned Added I guess I just don't understand the purpose of levitation. Can someone please elaborate?
  • mark Added a very interesting video
    i know that this is possible, and weather this video is a fake or not is of no importance
    what comes to mind is why do we try to find reasons to discredit it or pull it apart
    WHAT is the danger in just accepting it .....
    thank you for reading
    love to us all
  • chris Added I feel that there is something deceptive going on here as well. The shaman shakes back and forth as though he were being suspended from an unseen rope/pulley. Further, he needs to wait until darkness to perform his levitation........a red flag goes up here......suspicious?
  • Adam Added notice the camera man never shows behind the shamans midsection. then we would see the support from his waist to the tree behind him. this is a trick not real.