Tarot Zamm - Explanation of the Six of Swords

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Published by SPIRITube in Tarot


Hi there, thanks for dropping by. This is Zamm, TAROT ZAMM. I’m here to guide you through the card of the day which is SIX OF SWORDS, from the Revelations Tarot. The companion book describes SIX OF SWORDS as “he pushes through the water of life, taking with him only his wits. He is on a journey away from a place where his skills were not utilized. Here, movement through the calm waters represents a journey from a previous situation that involved the realm of the mind. You may be walking away from an old stressful job or relationship that involved mind games. Here, you have identified the cause of your problems and taken the next logical step by moving away. The journey will aid you in either allowing you to deal with it at another time or to abandon it and cut your losses. In addition to the companion book’s meaning: We often hear the saying that “life is full of surprises.” I believe that it will only be so for those of us who refuse to accept that life is indeed a library of experiences, of the not so good and good, the boring and exciting, the depressing and uplifting, the confusing and enlightening. Life is what it is. If we only welcome everything that is smooth sailing and peaceful, then we are in for a huge surprise and disappointment. We also face the danger of karmic stagnation! When we draw the Six of Swords, it normally focuses on the mental turmoil we undergo due to a very difficult situation. We could be suffering from mental fatigue and feeling defeated. At this point, we need to summon our higher self and apply its energy creatively towards our situation. Firstly, we must accept that nothing is permanent and see wisdom in the saying “tough times never last but tough people do.” By doing this, we are energizing ourselves with the power of hope that things will indeed get better. Secondly, if we believe that we cannot take on the challenge alone, there are people that are truly concerned about us whom we can seek assistance from. When we seek their assistance, then we are giving ourselves the power to proactively direct and improve our situation. These could be our partner, parents, mature children, best friend or even a group of people with a common mission of helping others towards, peace and enlightenment. The bond we have with them or the mission that guides them will be an oasis of support that we direly need. Thirdly, sometimes we reach a point when we truly believe in our hearts that we have done the best that we can and yet nothing seems to make things right or better. We all know things don’t always happen as expected. It is best to accept it as it is and move away from the situation in order to find clarity, perhaps even closure. Clarity and closure do not present themselves exactly the way we want, by getting confirmation of an ending from the person(s) involved. In these times, the Six of Swords encourages us to find the closure we need, from within us, which is quite difficult. But if we are able to do so, we then empower ourselves, instead of empowering others over us. We give ourselves the much needed opportunity to transition to a better place and disposition, where we will find the positive energy of acceptance, healing and the ability to move forward. Last but the least, we learn from the upsetting experiences that we come upon and gain the much needed wisdom to develop ourselves and continue successfully in life. Remember, we must never let any situation overcome and trap us, like a powerful whirlpool of negativity that can easily swallow us whole. We must not forget the diverse lessons presented to us, to help us discern what we need to avoid and improve on. Enthusiasm and passion in life makes a huge difference, but rationality is their perfect companion so we will not end up gullible and overlooking the pitfalls that exist. I will never fail to emphasize that life is a journey. What we make of this journey is up to us. When we cannot compel events in our lives to conform to our wishes and desires, then we need to compel ourselves to change, by seeing things clearly and accepting them for what they are. We need to acknowledge the fact that every day that we learn this, we get closer to enlightenment and the place where we find love, peace and happiness. Take care and until the next time! Many blessings to you! This is TAROT ZAMM.

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