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Shayli Vere
Higher Arts Guide
Certified Angelic Lightworker, Empath, Intuitive and
Dimensional Being/Spirit Telepathic Communicator

Spirit Search is about assisting you with strengthening your connection with your Higher Self. Using 'SpiritSearching' tools like the Meditations, Attunement Image and Videos will support this connection with your creative and spiritual flow and Higher Self!

I create SPIRIT SEARCH PORTRAITS AND READINGS to help others to connect, balance and find great insights! Or I offer an online ONE on ONE Spirit Guidance '
Connecting with our own higher self, Higher Arts Guide Shae uses many elements to build your portrait using what she calls her 'spirit search' technique. She is guided to layer in color and symbols, seeing our connections to our past selves and our core elements. Shae might use sun, earth, water, orbs, stars and planets, fire or water to bring forth your current dimensional portrait.
Shae receives your messages or your reading through her process of creating your Spirit Search portrait.

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