Kama (Kamdev) Gayatri - Marriage & Love Mantra

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"Om kAmadevAya vidmahe puSpabANAya dhimahi tann 'nagaH pracodayAt" Some do not use "Om" but "Kleem" instead. "Effect: A Gayatri to heal your Love life and Love related problems. Procedure : The traditional Mala-jap can be done. As per me, no time constraints to please the almighty. "This is believed to be chanted by Gaudiya Vaishnavas before the 'Hare Krishna' mahamantra became popular which helped them to divert all their Love towards Krishna/Vishnu." --srikanthdk71 "It is more of self curative rather than manipulative of something external to us. [in attracting a person/thing] "As per advaidic understanding there is no difference between our self and others - there is only one big mind or one big consciousness. Hence the mantra can act on other minds too as all minds /souls are just parts of one big Mind. This is the theoretical basis of the Science of Mantra." --Ravindran Kesavan Rough Translation: "Let us contemplate on Kama, The God of Love, let this power direct us" This video contains 9 repetitions to help you learn the Kama Gayatri. 1 mala (108 repetitions) for 40 day is usually required (repeat the cycles if need be). (From the Brahma-Puran) Kama is the God of love, and this is His Gayatri. It is used to attract a relationship, a marriage partner or love into your life. it is very powerful and effective. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamadev "Lord Krishna is worshiped by the gayatri mantra, and the specific mantra by which He is worshiped is called kama-gayatri. Vedic literatures explain that that sound vibration which can elevate one from mental concoction is called gayatri. For more info: http://vedabase.net/tlc/31/en1 Kama Gayatri is one of the most potent gayatri mantras and has immediate effect upon the chanter. If you are ever suffering from lack of love, whenever you are searching for the right love partner in vain, whenever your sexual life has gone stale - chanting Kama Gayatri is the answer for you. It is the solution for all the troubles associated with desire be it sensual or relational. "It increases the love between husband and wife. It makes you sensual and desirable. It peps up your sexual power and desire. It makes your eyes magnetic and your entire physical body attractive. It works from within your body and mind creating a sensual and charming aura around you that cannot be resisted by the opposite sex. " Chanted by Thiagarajan Video edited by Lila With Divine Art by Various Divine Artists around the world.

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