Jiddu Krishnamurti - The Beginning of Meditation - This Light in Oneself

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Talks on meditation from the series This Light in Oneself given spontaneously by beloved Jiddu Krishnamurti .Following are some of the excerpts from this profound talk. ".. Meditation is not something that you do.is it possible for the senses to operate as a whole?is, will, the essence of desire?part of meditation is to find out for oneself whether time can stop.Is it possible to empty the content of consciousness without involving time, but instantly, as a whole, not in parts?Can the brain lose its burden and be free and never deteriorate?If there is no recording whatsoever, psychologically, then the brain becomes extraordinarily quiet, extraordinarily fresh....."".. Thought is the reaction of memory, it is born from memory. Memory is experience, experience as knowledge stored up in the brain cells themselves. You can watch your own brain, you don't have to become a specialist - I am not, I've just observed myself very carefully. The brain cells hold this memory. It is a material process. There is nothing sacred, nothing holy about it. And everything that we have done: going to the moon, planting a silly flag up there, going down to the depths of the sea and living there, thought has created all this, the immense complicated technology and its machinery. Thought has been responsible for all this. Thought has also been responsible for all wars - right? - this is obvious, you don't have to question it even, because your thought has divided Britain, France, Germany, Russia - ..""... And thought has created the psychological structure as the 'me'. Right? That 'me' is not holy, something divine.It is just thought putting together the anxieties, the fears, the pleasures, the sorrow, the pain, the attachments, the fear of death, it has put all this together which is the 'me'. This is 'me', this consciousness. This consciousness is what it contains. Consciousness, your consciousness is what you are it is your anxieties, your fears, your struggle, your wounds, your psychological despairs, pleasure and so on. The content of your consciousness is its content. And that is the result of time. I have been hurt yesterday, psychologically, you said something brutal to me, it has wounded me, and it is part of consciousness. I have had pleasure, that's part of... and so on. So consciousness is involved in time. When we say can time end, it implies the total emptying of this consciousness with its content. It implies that. Whether you can do it or not, that is a different matter. But it implies that.When you are enquiring into time, whether the innumerable layers of this consciousness, sensation, desire and all that, layer after layer, the whole structure of it, whether that consciousness which is a result of time - yesterday I was hurt and so on and so on, whether that consciousness can empty itself completely, therefore time psychologically ends. I am putting first this question for you to look at. Then we can ask: is it possible? .."

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