Dattatreya Siva Baba - USA Seminars 2011

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Attend Dr. Pillai's Effortless Manifestation and Thinking seminars this June: ?Dr. Pillai announces his presence in US in June-July to lead seminars in the East Coast and the West Coast.The theme will be - Effortless thinking and effortless manifestation. It should be effortless at the level of thinking and at the level of action.People who become very successful were able to do it in a miraculous way because of good karma. Dr. Pillai will teach techniques for karma-busting to make your thoughts effortless. Once you have made your thoughts effortless, then the manifestation happens with effortless action.In the Seminars in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and New York (East Coast), Dr. Pillai will share 5 steps for this:Step 1: Liberate you from the 'known' -- This disallows you to conceive something outrageous. Dr. Pillai will teach a meditation and special sound for freedom from the known.Step 2: Ability to know the future -- It should not be vague and made as clear as possible. Creation is form arising out of non-form (chaos). Clarity is creation. You have to be very sure what you want to do and make it as a goal. That clarity comes when you transcend your rational thinking. Dr. Pillai will teach sounds for activating different parts of brain.Step 3: Freeing the mind from Karma -- Before you make a new karma, you have to erase the old karma. You have no freedom to act, the Prakriti or innate nature s going to make you act in a certain way. Karmic thoughts can easily be identified, that's what you think all day long and you have to change that. Dr. Pillai will meditation and sounds to help you do that.Step 4: Living and experiencing sounds of ecstasy, abundance, luxury, joy and pleasure -- This is the newest teaching by Dr. Pillai and the focus will be on this. He will delve deep into understanding how to create these using emotional intelligence. Dr. Pillai will identify and teach sounds for this.Step 5: Controlling thoughts and the negative mind -- The moment you become alert, negative thoughts will stop. An alert person will not manifest anything he does not want in his life. Dr. Pillai will teach techniques for thought-control.Dr. Pillai will give a presentation for each step, along with a meditation and sounds for that step.

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